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What IBS Entails

In order for us humans to continue living well as we should be the health aspect should be looked into keenly. It being of major concern cannot com without its threats such as health conditions and diseases. The variety of diseases that affect us are many and numerous. IBS is a condition of which many people are affected. New diagnosis of IBS are seen on a daily basis.
This condition comes with a lot of health effects. There are many contributing factors that bring about IBS. The disease causes are such as; inflammation from intolerance and pathogenic infection reaction also contributes, when there is bacterial imbalance the disease can creep in, parasitic infection affecting the GI system are also to blame, Having undiagnosed H.pylori infection is another way, poor stress management, poorly functioning adrenals and past trauma, having a gastro episode that is triggered by pathogenic bacteria that affects normal gut operations with the common bacteria being E.coli, Campylobacter jejuni, Salmonella and Shigella, food intolerance is also another cause of the disease with the common ones being from gluten, soy, and dairy intolerance that contribute to the disease.
After understanding the nature of the condition, it is important that you look for treatment or follow a treatment regimen. Some of the ways you can treat the disease is by; as for the gastro episode one can take a GI map test that helps to identify bacteria so that treatment can commence for the specific bacterial infection, repair of the gut and diet for autoimmune response, the matter of food intolerance can be managed easily to help treat IBS by using the marker IgA to know the specific culprits and employ one of the many methods that are used in lowering the autoimmune response, GI map test is also important when it comes to inflammation as it can identify the markers and thus a strict diet followed as well as elimination of the cause of the inflammation, bacterial imbalance also requires testing and once the cause is known it can be removed to prevent the overgrowth that is causing the IBS to come in, tests are equally important in addressing the parasitic infections so that treatment protocols can commence in attacking and destroying the specific parasite and restoring gut function, properly diagnosing H.pylori infections and taking the treatment for it goes a long way in treating the IBS, stress has a lot of damaging effects and one of the root causes of the condition thus it should be well managed and avoided if treatment is to be successful, trauma also has to be addressed as it could be leading to the stress that drags along with it bad effects such as the development of IBS, and also stress should be managed so that the adrenal gland can have an easy time of secreting the IgA that helps the immune layer.

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