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Looking for a Competent Ankle Surgeon? Here Are Questions That You Must Ask

Chronic ankle sprains and instability are best resolved through reconstruction surgery. There’ve been numerous reports whereby patients undergo ankle reconstruction surgeries, and later develop severe disorders. These incidences have been linked to poorly performed surgeries. Ankle disorders can cause permanent immobility. In this light, you have to be cautious when choosing an ankle surgeon. It would be best to choose a competent surgeon that has what it takes to perform an effective and safe ankle surgical procedure. A quick look at the internet and you will realize that there are many ankle reconstruction surgeons in the market. However, not all are competent. So, how can you distinguish between a competent and incompetent surgeon? Well, listed below are questions that you can ask to determine if your prospective surgeons are competent or not.

Do You Fulfill All Prerequisites of a Qualified Ankle Surgeon?

You stand to lose a lot if you choose an incompetent ankle surgeon. In addition to losing your mobility permanently, you will also run the risk of losing your life. With this said, a surgeon’s competence should not be overlooked. Ideally, a qualified ankle surgeon should have at least undergone formal training in foot surgery. They should also possess board certification and insurance. In addition, they should have at least two years’ experience. Does your prospective surgeon meet these prerequisites? No? Then you should find one that does. Whatever you do, do not compromise on a surgeon’s competence and qualifications because, in so doing, you risk losing your life and ability to walk.

How Many Successful Ankle Reconstruction Surgeries Have You Performed?

Every ankle reconstruction case is different. Therefore, you cannot judge your surgical outcomes based on other patients. However, it is crucial to find out the number of successful surgeries that your potential surgeon has performed. Why? Because you’ll be in a position to evaluate a surgeon’s skills further. In essence, a surgeon that has good surgical skills will have a high number of successful surgeries. With this said, it’d be best to have your surgery performed by a surgeon that has a track record of success. Remember, surgeons are businessmen. They can, therefore, lie about their track record to convince you to hire their services. Having this in mind, it is important that you ask for relevant proof.

What Are the Possible Outcomes of My Surgery?

Surgeons are in a position to tell how your surgical procedure will turn out. However, they cannot give accurate and definitive predictions. Be wary of surgeons that guarantee positive outcomes. Professional surgeons should take you through the potential negative and positive outcomes of your surgery. Those that are quick to guarantee positive outcomes are likely after your money.

Have You Ever Been Charged With Surgical Malpractice?

There has been a considerable increase in the number of surgical malpractice reports. Find out whether your potential surgeon has ever been accused of any malpractice. If so, ask the reason behind the accusation and find out the frequency of the malpractice charges. It would not be recommendable to choose a surgeon that has been charged with countless malpractice offenses.

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