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Strategies The At-Fault Driver’s Insurance Adjuster Might Use Against You

If you ever find yourself in a situation whereby your car has been involved in an accident, and your passengers have injuries, and they need to be taken to the hospital for treatment you need to know that the police will be contacted. Investigation will be done in order to determine who is at fault and insurance information will be traded. In the recovery process you will get a call from the at-fault driver’s insurance adjuster. They are usually friendly, encouraging and they will definitely ask your side of the story just for documentation. You need to be very careful when it comes to what you will tell them because they are not your friends and they usually ensure that they do everything that they can in order for them not to give you the payment. Make sure that you hire legal representation so that they can give you advice on how to answer the questions that you will be asked by the at-fault driver’s insurance adjuster.

The insurance adjuster will call you with great concern about getting your side of the story. They are known to be very keen when listening to you as you answer the question so that they can put everything that you are telling them in record. After talking to them whatever you tell them will determine if they will give you the payment and if they see that you are at fault know that everything that you told them will be used against you in court. They will undoubtedly ask incriminating questions that could get used against you later in court. They usually ask questions that might incriminate you so that they themselves do not end up making any payments thus the insurance company will be forced to make the payments instead. They will do everything in their power to influence your confession so you will be at a disadvantage in court. During interrogation make sure that you don’t end up answering any questions unless your lawyer is present so that I can give you the guidance that you need.

Always remember that the tactic is to play on your emotions to get you to spell all the beans, keep in mind that any mistake in your words can weaken a case. It is important for you to instruct everyone in your household especially if they were involved in the accident not to answer because their words hold weight as well.