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Benefits of Marijuana Legalization

Over the years cannabis has been illegal because of the communities bad impression about it. The society has a view that the users of marijuana are always criminals and their deeds after the use of cannabis not good. The society’s view toward cannabis is a contradiction because of the many benefits that cannabis has. To realize this benefits fully, it requires for the authorities to legalize the use of cannabis. The legalization of cannabis also carries with it a lot of advantages, some of the many advantages are out listed in the article below.

First, the black market will be eliminated when cannabis is legalized and thus reducing the crime rate. When marijuana is illegal the black market will always make it available for a lot of people. The crime rate will be increased because for the black market to have the marijuana that is illegal they must be networked with very many drug dealers who are connected with others from different places. When marijuana is legalized, the sellers will be licensed and will be paying taxes and thus there will be no need for the black market hence this cuts the ties with the drug dealers which in turn helps in reducing the crime rate. When cannabis is legalized also the government benefits because the sellers will be paying taxes which is a source of revenue for the government.

Legalization of marijuana will also be beneficial as there will be safety control and also improved quality. When cannabis is illegal, people tend to get it from the streets and they don’t know exactly what they are taking because the business is done in secrecy. When cannabis is legalized, there will be standardization just like in the alcohol industry thus there will be increased safety to its users. There is a lot of violence involved in the gangs that sell the marijuana when the marijuana is illegal. This can be dealt away with when cannabis is legalized because there will be no need to fight when the customers will be free to buy the cannabis from any shop that sells it. This in turn gives the police an easy time and also the streets very safe.

The court and the police should be concentrating on more serious crimes than the use of marijuana. When marijuana is legalized, there will be more time as there will be no illegal dealers that they will be after at all times hence giving them ample time to deal with the other serious cases. From the benefits outlined in the article above, you are in the position to make a decision to help in the push for the legalization of the cannabis knowing the benefits of cannabisy.