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Top Tips For Boosting Your Engine Performance

It is the ultimate desire of every car owner to have a high performance vehicle. Drivers have applied the techniques that have been touted as the one that will help them realize their dreams. Unfortunately, most of them have remain that, promises. There are certain tips that can help achieve peak performance for your car. The steps have to be followed and done careful so that your car’s warranty is not rendered null and void.

If you are looking to boosting the performance of your engine, it is advisable to resort to the use of synthetic lubricants. The oils are effective in cutting down on friction which results in longer lifespan for the engine. This is a job that is done effectively compared to the conventional oils. In high heat or high stress, the oils are not known to break down.

Another factor that will boost your engine performance is proper servicing of your ignition system. Periodically ensure that you change the spark plugs. Ensure that you go for high quality ignition parts that include the platinum spark plugs, ignition wires and coils. You will have more power and prevent misfire, wasted fuel and increased tailpipe emissions if you have precision ignition operation.

If you are looking to having a high performance engine, you should consider using bigger throttle body and injectors. It is important however to have the proper balance as too much throttle body will result in loss of power. The services of a reputable dyno tuner are essential in assisting you make adjustments to the fuel and spark curves. This is important as it ensures the finetuning of the throttle body/injector upgrade.

By increasing compression, you are able to boost the performance of your engine. The advantage of having higher compression built into your car is that you achieve increased power. There is need to ensure that there is a correct balance on the cam and compression selection so that you do not damage your engine. The spark plugs and fuel curves must be watched carefully when the compression is being performed.

You need to look for ways to reduce the power that is lost in your engine due to internal friction. Your car loses a lot of power when it is running on underinflated tires. It is important to consider the ambient temperature when you are inflating the tires.

You can consider fitting the velocity stack to your car in order to achieve peak performance for the engine. This is fitted at the air entry of the carburetor, fuel injection and engine’s intake system. The end result of this is that there will be increase in horsepower since the airflow has been enhanced and the induction turbulence brought down.