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How to Throw a Legendary Great Gatsby Themed Party

If you are looking for a theme for your upcoming party, do not look any further but go for Great Gatsby. There will be so much fun that you will wish all the parties you ever held was Great Gatsby themed. Read below to know more about throwing a Great Gatsby themed party.

Ensure you select a sophisticated setting. If there are less than 30 people for your party, consider hosting it at your home. You may strive with upholstery stains the next morning but at least you will save on venue costs. This means you have a bigger allocation for entertainment and dcor hence creating a sophisticated setting. However, if you will invite more than 50 people, rent a jazz club, restaurant, or event room to avoid getting things too crowded. If weather suits, consider an outdoor venue. After choosing a venue, settle on a date and time.

Embrace 1920s extravagance. When your Gatsby party is under planning, encourage those who will attend to go all out. Women should have slinky flapper dresses and men in suits and ties. A feather boa, long satin gloves, strings of pearl, and jeweled hair accessories will make you assume the 1920s look. To help everyone embrace the Gatsby theme, have spare accessories stand by. To be sure you arrive in style, appear on the website of your choice and book a limo. After all, arriving fashionably sluggish in a limo says much about 1920s decadence.

Make sure you serve canaps, champagne, and cocktails. ‘The Great Gatsby’ which was simply set as prohibition movement succeeded in becoming law but alcohol is easy to notice all over the novel. To ensure you are in line with the novel, ensure a wide range of alcoholic beverages is served. You should ensure classic 1920s cocktails, for example, Gin Rickeys, as well as Mint Julepas, are served. For the people avoiding indulgence, avail cordial and lemonade. To keep guests from being completely carried away in the party spirit, avail some Great Gatsby food.

Entertain your guests. As we know, there can only be termed of there being Gatsby party if there is a great collection of music to which people will dance. You need to have 1920s Spotify collection with jazz classics as well as music from the Great Gatsby movie. If you want to have no reservation, hire a band to ensure the dance floor is ever packed. Gambling is a feature that stuns in the novel, the reason your celebration should include a croupier as well as a casino table. This will ensure guests who are taking a break from dancing enjoy games, for example, blackjack, dice, and poker.

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