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Smoking Quotes to Think About

Smoking is something that has not died and the reality is that three-fourths of these smokers, smoke on a daily basis. Despite knowing the bad effects of smoking on health, people still continue to smoke and this is something really puzzling. Below are some popular quote about smoking that you can think about whether you smoke daily, occasionally, or don’t smoke at all.

This first quote is about the difficulty of quitting smoking. Mark Twain says, “Giving up smoling is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I have done it a thousand times.”

There is irony in this quote. It makes us see how difficult it is to quit smoking. There is a small chance of succeeding in quitting smoking if you are already addicted to it. Even if you are able to quit for a day or two, sooner or later, you will be back at it. Many smokers who have tried quitting fail most of the time.

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Here is another quote that tells us of the joys of smoking. “I just don’t want anyone messing around with my pure smoking pleasure, ” says Max Cannon.

Smoking is a pleasurable thing to do if you don’t think about its potential dangers. The puff of smoke satisfies the smoker and this feeling cannot be felt anywhere else. Man should be allowed to enjoy his cigarettes.

Here is a quote that shows us that smoking is a habit of those who lived a long time ago. “Look at any black and white movie; everybody is smoking,” says Loni Anderson.

This shows us that even as early as the 16th century, people were already smoking. In the quote of Loni Anderson, we realize that everyone was a smoker before. Even before the colored TV was inveneted, everybody already smoked.

“Smoking kills you, but like fills you, and if you don’t want to die, go into a freezer when you’re born and nothing will happen to you. One of the causes of death in people is smoking. IN America, hundreds of thousands have died due to smoling. Smoking kills us, do we quit? Isn’t all of us going to die anyway? But it is easy to prevent death from smoking. However, you can be a smoker but something else can take your life.

These few quotes about smoking can teach you a thing or wo about smoking, whether you are a smoker or not. Smoking can be something that you can enjoy. You just need to be aware of the dangers of smoking to your health. If you are trying to quit smoking, then you need to make good on your resolve and use alternatives to help you quit.

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