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How to Find Purpose in Life

As early as 6 years you hear people ask “what do want to be when you grow up?” Some of us did not know or guessed wrong and we used to be left with a feeling of emptiness. This feeling can me you think like you have no purpose or you have lost direction. However, with the right process, it is possible to overcome the feeling. Psychologists suggest that developing long-term goals can foster a sense of purpose in one’s life. According to psychologists goals that promote a feeling of purpose are those that can potentially impact the lives of others, for example, studying diseases, teaching children how to read, or launching an organization. The purpose of life arises from individual special gifts which set you apart from others. But most importantly it also grows from connecting with others and that is why when you lack purpose you feel isolated. Therefore, when you find your purpose you will also find others on the same destination and become a community. This article outlines a few ways to overcome isolation and find your purpose in life.

The first thing you need to do is to search inward. The truth is you will never truly understand how to establish your purpose by listening to others, from opinions, or seeking approvals from outside. All you need is within yourself. What holding you back are your limiting beliefs. You need to identify these limiting beliefs and replace each of them with an empowering belief to develop a great sense of self-awareness. When you are in control of your emotions it becomes easy to control your life.

The purpose should precede goals. You should avoid focusing only on short-term goals because you will never find your true passion or establish your purpose in life. Make sure the goals you are working to achieve are based on finding your purpose. Therefore, when you set a goal try to figure out how it will help you feel more fulfilled.
Ask yourself how does the goal facilitate achieving my purpose? Look for away or activities that ensure you always keep your purpose top of mind.

You need to listen to what other people appreciate about you. It is possible to get purpose from what other people are grateful for you. Appreciation from others can fuel your work and establish your life purpose. Although there are no studies to support the claim, gratitude seems to strengthen relationships which appear to be the source of purpose and there are many real-life stories from popular people to support this claim.

Take a moment and think about what brings you joy in life. You need to realize that your life abilities are linked to a sense of joy and that is why you need to examine them. Therefore, look at the activities or practices that bring you happiness. There is also a possibility of stumbling on passions you can turn to a profitable venture. Those are a few ways you can apply to establish your purpose in life.

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