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Sleep Apnea Treatment Options

Sleep apnea makes someone to have a poor sleep due to the uncontrollable pauses in breathing during sleep. There is no way for you to sleep without any interruptions because whenever there is a pause in breathing, you would suddenly wake up startled. It is scary to learn that one can experience breath pauses 30 times every hour. Many people with sleep apnea think that they get a good sleep, which is not the case.

Sleep apnea makes a person’s immune system not to work properly; there is also the risk of mental problems. The pauses can lead to heart failure and memory loss. You tend to wake up suddenly to gasp for air because there is less oxygen going to the brain and all other parts of the body. The following are tips to help you treat sleep apnea.

If you tend to gain much weight, you would be increasing the chanced for sleep apnea. There is no way for you to breath well if you have a lot of weight. There is a need for obese people to know that they are at the risk of sleep apnea due to the fat around the upper airways obstructing breathing. You will find it hard to lose weight if you are having difficulties with sleep. People with sleep apnea are at the risk of cardiovascular diseases and other problems that are caused by obesity. Therefore, there is a need for obese people to lose a considerable percentage of their body weight to ensure that the airways do not collapse while they sleep. You can eat a high-fiber diet and enough proteins.

If you take alcohol or smoke, there is a need for you to stop in order to do away with apnea. If you take a lot of alcohol, you are most likely to have poor sleep. There is no way for a person who uses sleep aids and sedatives to sleep well or avoid worsened snoring. Moreover, smoking and alcohol are associated with inflammation and the retention of fluid in the airways, leading to a disturbance in the normal sleep. It is for a fact that people who smoke are most likely to have sleep apnea.

It is necessary to consider changing your sleeping position. If you want to stop snoring, it is advisable to elevate your head as you sleep. Sleeping on the back makes a person to experience worse snoring and you should avoid it. In addition, you can use a snoring guard. Moving the lower jaw forward keeps the airways open and this ensures that you do not experience any problems as you sleep. You can also humidify your room.