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Dog Breeds for Your Family

If you want your children to have a dog of their own, then there are many breeds out there that are kid-friendly. You can choose from many dog breeds with different personalities. You can find dogs that are athletic, smart or protective. Dog breeds that are good for and with children can be found around. Whatever dog breed you choose, make sure that it is a breed that is ideal for families with your kids.

Here are some of the best dog breeds that your family can own.

The dog breed that everybody loves is the Golden Retriever. These types of dogs are loyal, playful, friendly, and smart. These dogs do well when they are hunting for ducks. They can keep up with a growing child since they have so much energy for activities.

One family-oriented dog is the Beagle which is also a very small dog. Kids can play with their dog the whole day since they are very active. Beagles have pack instincts and so they dont do well on their own but they get along well with other pets. This type loves hunting or you should keep away other smaller kids from them. A beagle has natural exploring instincts which can lead it out of your yard if you dont have a fence.

The most popular dog in the US is the Labrador Retriever. They are also very active and friendly with people and dogs. Training a Lab to be comfortable around kids is easy.

Bulldogs look unamused yet they are carefree dogs. They are not so active but they need exercise. They are quite aggressive around strangers and other pets but they can adjust before long. They dont like the warm climate but a cold one.

The biggest dog breed in the world is the Newfoundland. They dont flaunt their size around. If you have old friends and strangers around, this dog displays sweetness and kindness. Training them is easy.

The Boxer can look intimidating. This is one dog that drools and is prone to health issues. Boxers are great for kids since they are gentle and patient but with high energy levels so that makes great gifts for kids. They are protective to your loved ones.

A collie is great with children. This dog is a loyal one and has much intelligence. They are not prone to violence but are ideal as guard dogs or watchdogs.

A beautiful dog with lush red coats is the Irish Setter. You get an energetic and intelligent dog with an Irish setter. They are not too difficult to train but they are stubborn at time. They are clean animals that clean up after themselves.

If you want a funny and friendly dog that is intelligent and kind, then the Boston Terrier is for you. They cause trouble once in a while. You can know more about the Boston terrier in this useful article by Fynn And Friends.

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