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An Investigative History to Determine the Age of Prostitution as a Profession

Prostitution or the world’s oldest profession as some may refer to it produces a strong response. Is there truth in prostitution being the world’s oldest profession? Is prostitution the world’s oldest profession? This might be a myth, but there is an exciting history behind the modern concept of prostitution and what it was initially meant to be. They only way this can be true is if we look at it with the modern day perspective and modern-day ideas of money. You may be enticed by the answers to questions about the age of prostitution, but you should also be aware that they are also complicated. By reading this detailed article, you will learn about the inception of prostitution as a profession and how it has made it to this generation.

The first mentioning of prostitution is in ancient Sumerian records where it is said to be a potential career for women in that age. It is worth noting that there was some religious and spiritual element to this profession in Mesopotamia. According to some evidence, women did it as part of a ritual. According to Herodotus, a Greek historian, women would wait at the entrance of a temple and engage in sexual activities with any male who agreed to enter. After the task, the men would offer some money to the women who would then donate it to the temple. Some scholars have engaged in fired debated over this topic of sacred prostitution. The main reason behind this is the fact that the historian is not a very reliable source. This, however, has its backbone in the idea that sex and sexuality were sacred and celebrated at that time and place. Fertility, which was highly valued, was also linked with this. Some historians have gone ahead to suggest that sex released divine and fertile energy.

Prostitution is mainly viewed negatively because of Christianity even though there are a number of valid points from both sides. The idea of chastity that Christianity brought along created the taboo that even sex itself was victimized. The profession of prostitution has become stigmatized with time as these ideologies spread. In the bible, there is a specific reference to the “Woman of Babylon who is a representation of the ungodliness and illegitimacy associated with the Roman empire. The Bible addresses sex as something for married couples only. Brothels were not far from common in medieval Europe however. Prostitution was only under regulation and limited to specific parts of the city. At this time, wives were not totally against the idea of prostitution as it gave them the ability to say no to their husbands and send them somewhere else. It was the core of the government at that time hence the Catholic church maintained policies for prostitution back the.