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A Guide on Reenlistment Ceremonies

When a military member completes their initial service, they can choose to reenlist. Similar to all military milestone, re-enlisting is also a crucial stage of career in the armed service. A large number of people approach decision making on reenlistment with a lot of seriousness. Even so, sometimes what is seen in the reenlistment ceremony is a different story altogether. As seen, part of the soldiers are determined to create jokes in their reenlistment ceremonies. The points explored below will educate you on the reenlistment of soldiers.

Something very important that you must realize is that not all military member can reenlist. There are specific regulations and rules that the soldiers need to accomplish for them to be allowed to rejoin the military. The first point to note is that the field of service that the soldier is aiming to reenlist has to have space for the certain military occupation specialty (MOS) or rating. If there is no space available you cannot be accepted as a reenlisted service member. Furthermore, the military has to consider the form of discharge you were offered when you initially left the service.

Some of the ways in which soldiers get discharged are honorable, dishonorable and bad conduct discharges. Upon discharge, soldiers are allocated Military Reenlistment Eligibility Codes that are shown on every discharge document of every service member. They are proof of the eligibility of the member for reenlisting. All that is needed for you to continue with reenlisting is the confirmation that you are entitled to it. When you have the opportunity to reenlist, there is normally a ceremony that will be held in honor of your choice and future commitment to the army.

For a large number of soldiers who reenlist for another term of service, the ceremony that succeeds is unique, but a reverent affair. The ceremony is conducted so as to publicly acknowledge the soldiers for their extended service and loyalty to their country. Often, friends and family join in the celebration of this achievement in a soldier’s career. From the beginning the ceremony has remained to be reverent and somber. Many at times, members incorporate some little aspects of the longstanding military culture in the ceremony, for example, switching challenge coins.

In the end, as you would expect most of the soldiers to sober when preparing for reenlistment ceremonies, part of them joke a lot. Soldiers who like to joke a lot need to know that it is one thing to joke with their reenlistment ceremony, and it is necessary to progress with caution. The last thing you want to do is to lose your work because of a few laughs knowing that the military adopts a very strict perspective regarding its traditions.

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