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How to Be a Comedian

A look at what professional comedians do can serve as enough inspiration for you to pursue that career. This should not make you think it is easy. You will have a lot to do over a long period to reach that status. Here is more info on what you need to do.
You will know you are on the right track if you like to make people laugh. You can build on that by learning comedy. As much as your first attempts shall not yield fruit, you will have to keep going. This will be tough, when you think of all the competition. You need to start by studying comedy and watching those who have made it. You should not forget to observe even those who never made it. Go as far back as how those who are great now started. It normally was not on a high note.
You need to then start writing material. You should have enough reserves to keep people laughing for over an hour. You need to find open mic gigs and get to work. This is how you know if you have the skill. Writing shall reveal to you the struggle it takes to come up with meaningful original content. If being funny is hard, try being original while at it. Comedians take time to get their material right, even years.
You need to find your voice. You have to have a voice different from what else is out there. You will have to experiment until you find it. Some people prefer the alternate persona way. This allows you to step outside of yourself and be more confident.
Personal experiences tend to give you a lot of material to work with. This will turn out to be a great strategy for you as well. You, therefore, need to write everything about your life. With time, you will learn to weave it into your material.
You should expect to deal with hecklers. These are an inescapable reality for comedians. Seeing as alcohol is served in comedy clubs, such a crowd will not miss several of them. You need to know what to say to kill them off. Aim to get the audience on your side to effectively kill a heckler’s intentions.
At the same time, you will at some point flop. This will be one of the lowest points of your career. You need to know that it happens, even to the best of them. Take it as a learning experience. You will learn more about your career at such times. You will prepare a comeback from that much better.
You should also make a point of being on stage as much as possible. Regular practice is the best way to get better. You shall discover more about touring comedy and other aspects on this site.

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