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The Best and the Most Recommended Anime Television Series

There are definitely a lot of anime and manga lovers in every parts of the world, and that is because it can provide them enjoyment and pleasure from watching and reading it especially during their free or leisure time. Some people thought that anime are only made for children, while some thought it contains pornographic scenes, but these are actually false. The anime and manga are produced for all ages, and some of it common genres and categories include action, comedy, drama, thriller and adventure. Some of the common reasons of the people for watching and reading anime and manga is due to the artwork, for most of its content include background visuals that are vibrant, battles scenes that are so intense, and characters that are very much detailed; the storytelling and the plot, for they may experience real emotions; and the music or the background music, for it can be their way to escape from the real world and the music can basically capture the heart of the various scenes on each episodes.

Most of the anime television series are actually adaptations from various manga series, and one of the best and the most recommended to be watched is made, written and illustrated by a Japanese mangaka. The genres of this specific manga series turned anime series are fantasy, adventure, and superhero; and the setting of this particular anime takes place on a prestigious high school or secondary school for superheroes in training. The main character is a boy who wants to enroll on this particular school but he wasn’t born with any superhero powers, fortunately, the greatest hero in the country of Japan shares his superhero power to this boy after he realized that this boy is potential to become a superhero. The greatest superhero then helps the boy, who later on was enrolled on the prestigious high school that is established primarily to train the students with superhero powers, for the students will be the superheroes for the next generation. To summarize the whole plot, it tells the story of the main character and some other students as they balance their training with their ordinary duties as students. As similar with the other superhero stories, there are also villains who plans to take control of the society, as well as, to destroy all superheroes. The manga series contains twenty-four volumes, while the anime TV series contains sixty-three episodes. The reason as to why this manga and anime has become very popular to the community of anime lovers, is because it is classified as a very heartfelt story that provides aesthetics to each and every character.

Most of the anime lovers are calling themselves as geeks, which is a term that is described as someone who is an expert and enthusiast of the digital-technology. Most of them have their very own community and website where they share their insights, thoughts and reactions about a certain anime series. One of their primary missions in creating such website is to unite all the geeks and anime lovers of all ages in one platform. One of the most recommended site that is composed of geeks and anime lovers are offering their fellowmen with podcasts and live shows, as well as, reaction videos on each episodes of an anime series.

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